I jut thought of something. Fat people should be in libertarians. Because if we lived in a truly free society where the lazy and obese are not forcibly subsidized by the hard working and able bodied, there would be far less resentment toward fats and other lazy bums who collect welfare and other handouts

I mean how should a person living in a socialist country feel when they are robbed of part of their salaries which goes toward food stamps for obese people to overeat and get lazier and more disabled?

I couldn’t care less if a person spends his personal salary on becoming obese. How could I possibly care? That would be like being offended that an individual sells an apple for 100$ to another guy. It has absolutely nothing to do with me.

And yet these slobs have the chutzpah to call for social engineering, demanding we pretend to find them physically attractive, and subsidize their disustingness with our tax dollars.