Michael: So…. What made you reestablish connection?

Sarah: I was reminded of you in my weekly horoscope. It said something like ‘a clever bald man will soon cross your path’

Michael: It’s out of date, I grew braids of hair since then.

Sarah: The hair itself grew as braids? That’s a biological anomaly.

Michael: Too much gluhwein causes that I think.

Sarah: I’m just gonna say something. You know there’s no need to live in the shadows. Baldness is not something to hide. In fact Israel is leading the world in the bald empowerment movement, seeking to dismantle follicle power structures. Even our own prime minister of Israel is a follicle minority. And I recognize that I’m follicly privileged. I mean I’m not saying I or others should feel guilty about it. We just need to acknowledge that we benefit from a certain privilege in society due to our and our ancestors follicle supremacy. We must acknowledge that if we ever hope to live in a truly equal and just society.

Michael: Tell me about it. You know how many bald women are in Berlin? You know their percentage is higher by several orders of magnitude than in Israel? We live in a dark place, follicle plurality-wise

Sarah: I mean look at art through history. Renaissance art for example. Do you see a single bald guy? Look at popular media. When is the last time a bald man or woman was the lead in a major Hollywood movie? The bald is represented stereotypically in media and art throughout the centuries. It’s deeply ingrained in our society. When is the last time a bald woman was miss America? Why is it that only follicly privileged people make it in the modeling industry? Bald men represent only 1% of male models and female balds less than .001% And conversely, have you any idea what % of the prison population is bald? It represents a disproportionate level of police brutality and follicle profiling on behalf of the police. If you’re a bald guy walking around, you’re more than twice as likely to be stopped by a cop. How many parents of bald youths go to sleep worrying that their child will be the victim of follicle profiling and police brutality? Yet here I am sitting, looking down from my throne of follicle privilege, pretending I know what it’s like to be you. I just want you to know that I sympathize with your struggle. I’m an ally.

Michael: Good thing to have people like you on board.

Sarah: Together we stand ❤