Religions like modern Christianity or Judaism aren’t dangerous for the world for this reason: in general people turn toward religion for the prospect of eternal life. Normal people with natural good inclinations cherry pick the good things of a religion of choice and use religion to justify, and expand upon their kindness and goodness.

Occasionally they will take some of the bad with the good such as being opposed to gay rights even though they don’t actually hate gays. Bad people cherry pick the bad things and use it to justify and expand upon their cruelty and apathy. Without religion good people will turn to godless ideologies like secular humanism that appeal to their good nature. Bad people will turn to godless cruel Darwinian ideologies like communism which appeal to their bad nature.

That being said, some religions are clearly more dangerous than others. That is to say, they contain more dangerous uncontroversial scriptures than others which one must necessarily accept along with whatever good or moral scriptures also are contained there. For example, Christianity and judaism has some very violent sounding scriptures which contain commands to carry out violent acts such as stoning adulters etc. But none of these inhumane scriptures is taken literally in modern judaism or Christianity. If they are by some community, this is considered an extremely unconventional or even heretical interpretation by modern Christendom or the religious Jewish world. But now you take a religion like Islam, and clearly it contains a far greater volume of violent or imperialistic/fascistic commands which are taken literally by the religious Islamic world. So a good Muslim must have a frighteningly large number of violent intolerant beliefs even if they don’t personally act upon them, and a bad Muslim will join a cult like ISIS. In fact, an Islamic sect like the ahmadiyah’s or the Druze or even Sufis, who prescribe to an Islam which downplays or even rejects many of these commands, do so at risk to their life. Individual Islamic reformers who would for example not want the Quran to be read as the literal word of god, and rather as a book inspired by divinity, are often executed as heretics either by Islamic states or individual mainstream Muslims who in fact have a religious command to take justice into their hands in such a way. This is why the claims made by western secular humanists, implying some sort of moral equivalence existing between Islam and Christianity, simply because both are technically false, it’s laughable to any person well versed in modern Islamic and judeo-Christian theology, or anyone who’s stepped down from armchair of the American liberal.