It seems that most people one hears complaining about ‘lack of culturally relativistic perspective’, in which all cultures are equal and so a basket-weaving culture is equal to a space exploration culture, and a hand chopping off, Jew-hating culture where women are chattel culture is equal to a culture with a real system of secular justice, equality of men and women and all citizens before the law and reasonable tolerance of other races and religion nevermind the abolishment of capital punishment or painful punishment for ‘crimes’ such a homosexuality or pre-marital sex, are a) far left overly-race-conscious overly-PC, white-guilt suffering liberals, or b), those who are in fiery denial and are personally offended by the notion that they hail from cultures which others might be deemed less advanced and less culturally evolved in its treatment of human beings etc, than westernized civilizations. Which one are you?