Some Progressives perceive obnoxious wasting of money with scorn and jealousy, and use examples of such, for example ‘rich kids of Instagram’ as a condemnation of capitalism. Rather than take joy in the fact that they live in a capitalist system, which is fundamentally a system of equal-opportunity for wealth creation, in which their own children or grandchildren have the opportunity to become just as extravagantly rich as those featured in ‘rich kids of Instagram’, they would rather jealously scorn that very system. It would seem that they would opt to put in it’s place some form of more aggressive forcible wealth distribution, effectively abolish private property entirely by limiting wealth inheritance, or a number of other means with which to further limit individual liberty and the ability for individual achievement, all for the sake of the masses who shiver in inadequacy at the material achievements of the best individuals in society. Ironically, by theoretically implementing such utopian and fundamentally socialist and collectivist ideals, by further limiting the already threatened and constantly-attacked capitalist system, the greatest system ever devised by man, and the one which most effectively rewards individual excellence, progressive thinkers would limit extreme wealth, or even the possibility of extreme wealth, to even fewer individuals. I suppose they would rather that extreme wealth and power accrue exclusively to fat massive-government beurocrats, than to the grandchildren of great businessmen, (or possibly even their own grandchildren), all for the sake of their own frail egos.