Things that are popularly described as ‘miraculous’ are nothing more than statistically improbable events. Of course there’s nothing ‘miraculous’ about this, as any statistically improbable event which can possibly occur, WILL becomes probable given enough time. In fact, it would be a strange world indeed where statistically improbably events did not occur occasionally. There’s a popular but glaringly incorrect notion among certain people that evolution by natural selection occurs by chance. There’s a commonly referred to analogy of a Boeing 747 being assembled from a heap of dust, the jet of course being compared to complex organisms and the dust heap being compared to molecules. The analogy presupposes that the theory of evolution by natural selection claims that complex organisms evolved by chance and so just as it’s absurd to believe that a jet can assemble itself by chance, so too is it absurd to believe that complex organisms evolved by chance. Since it would be so absurd to believe such a notion, it must be the case that evolution did not in fact occur and then out of nowhere the alternate but both invalid and unsound conclusion is inserted that organisms must be intelligently designed, so the argument goes. The fact that this is not at all how evolution by natural selection works aside, even if the claim of evolution by natural selection was that such events as the construction of complex organisms did happen by chance, it wouldn’t necessarily follow that this would be an absurd notion, and certainly it of course would not follow that complex organisms must then in fact have been designed. All that would follow is the conclusion that evolution is an extremely highly statistically improbable occurrence. If this were the case you could even uncontroversially say that the probability of evolution occurring is infinitesimally small. But again, we know that infinitesimally small probability events necessarily occur(our universe as we know it would not exist if not for a series of infinitesimally small probability events in conjunction) and given enough time, are extremely likely to occur.