Being spoiled and loved as a child teaches one the irrational behavior of loving oneself for no other reason, than being oneself, since a parent loves their child for the same reason. If you fully indoctrinate a child with the notion that they should be loved for no reason other than being, they will love themselves unconditionally. If however, you teach a child that love should at least in part be dependent on or proportional to having certain characteristics or behaviors, they will forever base at least some of their self-love on appraisals of their own behavior or characteristics, which are necessarily based on input from society. Aka other people. This is why hell is other people. At least in part, for most of us. Some lucky individuals who were spoiled as children received the ultimate gift of narcissism, while the rest of us at least in part, must spend our lives searching for reasons to revere ourselves. We desperately search for ways in which we may appraise ourselves as superior human beings, or means of procuring such superior characteristics.