Modern Christianity, totally castrated and unexciting is no longer the triumphalist religion it once was. A pope in the past years even apologized to the Muslims for the crusades which were a late, limited and incompetent imitation of the jihad. Christianity today stands for practically nothing. The recent words of the new pope, implying that the Catholic Church shouldn’t stand against abortion or gay marriage perfectly exemplify this…If Christianity is no longer conservative then what is it? The answer is that it stands for nothing and is completely meaningless and arbitrary.

Though the Europe of today is very much irreligious, there are inevitably the religious-types of people who cannot accept a world-view without God. For these types of people the modern substitutes for organized religion: superstition, conspiracy theories and new age spirituality, do not suffice. When they seek out a religious venue they find two options available to them: they find Christianity which is an easy and nothing-to-it religious practice based on orthodoxy alone, where one basically has to do nothing but profess a certain belief and then from day to day do, eat, talk about, read anything they like. They find a religion that as mentioned stands for next to nothing and constantly espouses self-guilt for the crimes of its past, constantly seeks to appease another religion and another culture as of late.

That other religion and culture is Islam, an orthopraxy religion that demands a very specific manner of daily behavior, setting out clear guidelines on every detail of daily life down to how to enter and exit the washroom.(allows you to think less) Unlike modern Christianity, Islam does not hesitate to take clear stances on world affairs and back those stances up with believable threats of violence. Islam does not apologize for its bloody history of cultural and geographical imperialism, and in fact Muslims pride themselves on it.

Islam today is exciting and engaging..imams pump people up like no preacher or priest has dared to do in many decades. Muslims are not ashamed of their bloody history of cultural and geographical imperialism like Europeans and in fact pride themselves on it.

The racist and moral cop-out of ‘cultural relativism’ has resulted in a Europe and slowly but surely an America which has no values whatsoever, no culture which it holds to be worthy of praise.