If we ever want to have peaceful muslim-non muslim coexistence then we need to have an meaningful and fair inter-religious dialogue. Can’t we all just find some common ground and agree on some basic and self-evident truths?

1. that Islam is the last and true religion, that all babies are born as practicing Muslims, that all jewish and Christian prophets were actually Muslims, that the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptian civilizations including the pyramids were actually inspired by Muslims who may or may not(only allah knows) have travelled in time machines, that all and every scientific, medical and technological not to mention architectural and musical/artistic achievements thus far in human history has been thanks to Muslims. Furthermore, we must be honest and contend that all great and modern cities even San Jose, are named after Muslims
3.that islamophobia is the most pressing contemporary issue facing the world today
4. that Muslims have at no time ever performed any sort of barbarism or terror attack including 911 which and all other forms of muslim savagery are and were in fact performed by Zionist shadow governments in a worldwide satanistic conspiracy to defame Islam and divert people from the religion of peace
5. that every last word of the Quran is literally true, that every single person on this earth owes Muslims something possibly exceeding the obvious jizya
6. that since islam is obviously and self-evidently true we shouldn’t dare insult it or the holy prophet Mohammed(PBUH) and we should definitely pass international world-wide laws preventing anyone from doing so
7. finally, that since all other religions are wrong and Islam is right, we under no circumstances should allow any new churches, synagogues, and definitely not any filthy shirk polytheistic Sikh or Hindu temples, to be built.

Whats more, if we want to make peace with our kind-spirited Muslim brothers and sisters we should even perhaps have mandatory Quran class for all youngsters in the west, since obviously not doing so would first of all and most importantly deeply offend our muslim brothers and sisters, and second of all fan the violent flames of islamophobia. In fact, if we want to be fair and balanced and reach any sort of lasting love and tolerance between us and Muslims, it probably should be considered by every country and the UN to be child abuse not to raise a child Muslim from now on, since islam is obviously the answer to world peace, our kids are already naturally Muslim(ask any Muslim) and our little children will forever writhe and scream and suffer in hell if we don’t.