I often read Internet activists kvetching about ‘the problem’…relating to capitalism something something, so let’s make things clear:

Two sorts of people see this ‘problem’:

The first sort are brainless fad-following ideologues who get fed this Marxist BS in liberal universities by demagogs and never outgrow it.

The second sort are people who go through hard economic times and think they’re too righteous and creative and intelligent to ‘degrade ‘ themselves working at mcdonalds, and so buy right into Marx’s fanciful ideas which say that the assembly line worker under industrialism has been reduced to a ‘fragment of a man’ and must be replaced by the ‘fully developed individual’ who is given ‘free scope of his own natural and acquired powers’ and all the other BS. Okay we get it, you watched Addendum on YouTube.

That’s my humble opinion at least. ^_^