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I think it’s silly to argue as some do, that religiously Muslims shouldn’t be opposing Israel. A part of dar al-Islam was given to the Jews. The fact that the Turks did this legally is beside the point. It’s islamically illegal to do such a thing and Muslims are commanded to defy any Islamic leadership who breaks with sharia and obey none of their laws. Sharia is the law for practicing Muslims, there’s no such thing as man-made international or state laws Islamically this country still belongs to dar al-Islam as does any land which has ever at any time belonged to Muslims. To any Muslim with self-respect this is an Islamic land occupied by former Dhimmis for the last 65 years. Any Muslim who does not oppose Israel therefore is truly a religious hypocrite.

There’s no such thing as a 2-state solution. This entire land is an illegally occupied realm of dar al-Islam. Luckily for muslims Jordan was re-absorbed into dar al-Islam and now they are waiting to re-absorb the remainder by pretending they are willing to compromise with 2 states. Once they have a legitimate state they will launch their initiative to recover the remaining occupied Muslim land. Anyone who denies this thinly veiled agenda is beyond naive.