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I find myself agreeing more and more with the Islamists every day. First of all, YES the west should get their noses out of Muslim lands and affairs. That means completely and immediately shutting down UNRWA in which is almost 100% western funded and scarcely contributed to by any Arab state, revoking all relief and foreign aid to any Islamic country such as ‘Palestine’ and a complete end to trade with any Islamic country meaning a total divestment from foreign fossil fuels and the development of alternative and cleaner energy resources. What’s more, since we and the Islamists so unanimously agree that western sensibilities or economic interests have no place in Islamic or Muslim affairs, so too must be conclude that Muslims or Islamic sensibilities or economic interests have absolutely no place in the west. That means that just like westerners ought to be harshly criticized if not jailed or killed for building places of worship in Islamic lands, so too should Muslims be de facto forbidden from building a single mosque in the west. Russia ought be be applauded by the same Islamists for their enforcement of this separation between their nation and Muslim affairs. Thanks to the booming voices of reason from the enlightening western Islamist intellectuals we can finally conclude further, that Muslim states have absolutely no right meddling in western affairs and putting economic pressure on foreign nations to shut down free speech when it offends their delicate sensibilities. Further, given that Muslims, just like the west they so vocally criticize, ought to disengage from interfering with the other, muslims ought to be held up to the same standard and forbidden from setting up Muslim Brotherhood front lobby groups in western countries such as CAIR which hardly are able to hide the fact that they are trying to alter the laws, practices and morals of the west and replace them with superior Islamic ones such as the practice of killing homosexuals and covering women in black cloth sacks. They obviously have absolutely no right to do so, just like the west has absolutely no right to meddle in Islamic countries. And of course, the obvious conclusion is of course that Muslim immigration should be completely halted, to further ensure that neither the west is meddling in Islamic affairs, nor Muslims meddling in western political affairs which they tend to inevitably do wherever they settle.