I have heard some vegans complain about the extinction of certain wild animals, but simultaneously suggest that they want most if not all domesticated animals to become extinct. They say this is because domesticated ones(including cats and dogs) suffer immensely or have the potential to suffer immensely, by virtue of their very existence as dependents on man. Given this, these vegans should in fact be and even more so be in favor of slowly sending to extinction, ALL animals on land and sea, to thereby end all animal suffering. This is because in actual fact, the average non-domesticated wild animal like the gazelle inevitably suffers a far far darker fate, by virtue of struggling in nature, than the domesticated one like a cow. A gazelle lives day to day constantly fleeing from prey, constantly facing imminent starvation, and eventually most likely eaten alive by a predator. A cow suffers nothing for it’s next meal, has no immediate predators, gets medical treatment if it is injured, and eventually is anesthetized to some degree before being killed. Clearly, the animal facing nature inevitably suffers more by the virtue of it’s very existence than the domesticated animal faces by virtue of it’s very existence. All the reason to drive it to extinction.