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What rational thing is it about unreciprocated love that brings sadness, or does viewing it rationally take away sadness? Are reason and emotion connected? If so, how and why?

Emotions are an emergent property that animate us. We would otherwise lead a machine like existence.

Emotions condition us to behave certain ways. Love is part of that conditioning.

Should emotions be important, given that they are separate of reason? do they ever inform reason? What emotion is associated with pi?satisfaction? We apply reason to emotion evoking situations and scenarios and that’s probably why emotion is illicited from reasoned responses. It is probably purely coincidental if reason and emotional response ever lead to the same conclusion. But could it also be because we take potential emotional states of other beings into the equation in order to determine reasonable solutions? We think killing is wrong ad hoc. We take that for granted because of our extremely crude emotional response to it as a result of our evolution. We then try to reason from that ad hoc assumption and find rational reasons why that ought to be. That is the same with much of our morality. It can’t truly be any other way. preserving life or preventing suffering isn’t purely rational. There’s nothing inherent about the property of having a mind that on it’s own would lead to the conclusion that existing is more rationally justified than not existing. Most of morality is like this. Those who try to divorce morality from evolutionary intuition can’t, we cannot truly emancipate reason from emotion. Those who try to utilize reason to condemn wanton killing or suffering begin with the ad hoc assumption that these things are bad. This emotional ad hoc response is nothing but one of the same evolutionary intuitions that they would say shouldn’t come into our moral reasoning. Other than the coincidence of evolution that we have evolved to generally find needless suffering and death reprehensible, there’s no other purely rational property of death and suffering which makes it bad.

Any system of Morality, just like emotions are arbitrary indicators of anything concrete. At least morality isn’t quite as fleeting and generally tends to appeal more to reason than emotions do.