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Inner morality is some sort of framework of understanding, or concepts built upon basic axioms we have evolved to understand intuitively like ‘fair’. For example justice of it’s many sorts is a concept built upon the basic intuitive axiom of fair. Thanks to our evolutionary legacy, our brain identifies it as something bad if two people expend the same effort on the same task, and one gets a substantial reward, and the other gets a less substantial one(capitalism is predicated upon this tenet of human nature). In other words, fair is symmetric output for what is perceived as symmetric input(even if it’s something that comes down to naturalistic luck, we still call this unfair..in other words, it needn’t require a third party or judge to doll out output) by each member of a set of acting persons. Unfair is asymmetric output for symmetric input by each member of a set of acting persons. At the most fundamental level, due to our evolutionary legacy, we perceive fair or unfair and it causes a ‘bad’ emotion. By bad I only know what that means in my subjective experience, but it can be described as not causing pleasure.