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You know the real reason these people always destroy everything, is because they are insecure and acutely aware of how inadequate they are relative to the civilized world. Islamdom basically has an inferiority-complex. Modern Muslims know that Muslims could not and will not ever create something so amazing and advanced as the pyramids, the sphinx or the Buddhas of Bamiyan(all of which they have destroyed or actively seek to destroy). They know that they are incapable of creating an empire that will stand for thousands of years after the people have become extinct. They know the best thing they have ever created was a plain black cube, and a dome of rock overtop of the Jewish temple mount. They are so ashamed of their inferiority that they destroy or try to cover up everything beautiful and elegant in this world and try to fabricate accomplishments that they are so obviously incapable of making.

That’s why you see Muslims literally making claims so far-fetched as San Jose being named after Hussein. Modern islamdom is utterly irrelevant, and so they just simply pretend that no other culture has done anything remarkable either, and if they have, Muslims pretend that they actually did it and it was stolen from them. That’s why you hear Saudis saying that American scientific achievements were literally stolen from Muslims in an elaborate conspiracy. That’s why you hear Muslims claim that they can make it to space. Their culture is in such denial of its inferiority that it’s literally convinced it’s own people that they are proud and esteemed. But they’re not. They are irrelevant. Simply irrelevant.