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I think anti-Israel activists should all do a great service to their cause and commit(pardon me, I forgot that it’s now politically incorrect to say ‘commit’ suicide…what I mean is graciously rid the Jew-controlled world of themselves) massive suicide in protest of the Jewish Zionists who occupy the formerly great and noble world super-power of Palestine…the same zionazis who control the worlds banks and stuff.

But liberals are pacifists! Just look at their opposition to absolutely any war against Islamists!!

Oh wait I forgot that the pseudo-liberal ‘pacifistic’ and compassionate leftists who hate Israel only selectively believe in pacifism and compassion. When it comes to the tyranny of the Jews, all forms of resistance including violent resistance whether that takes the form of murdering Jewish children or sending your own children to blow themselves up to murder 1 or 2 Jews, is morally justifiable.