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Regarding other people…they’re necessarily an enigma to me …I have no idea what it’s like to be someone else. I’ve only ever been me. I can’t even independently verify that anyone else even has mental states. Isn’t it somehow creepy that our entire life in society is predicated upon the unfalsifiable premise that other people also have mental states?

Like take for example the naive conflation that most women make between lust and ‘love’.

For evolutionary reasons probably, sexually charged sort of moments make me feel some sort of infatuation that implies ‘love'(whatever that means…but something in addition to sexual lust) rather than purely sexual lust. I imagine that when I look at the guy, he must be feeling the same.

Then one day I just asked someone I was dating to tell me exactly what he feels during these moments.

And he said ‘I want to do sexual stuff to you’

So I realized that I am staring at a statue…there’s absolutely no way of knowing what the other person really feels.