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Being able to step out of the constant demands of everyday life called ‘being busy’ is horrifying. At this point of inactivity you’re able to be a bi stander of reality, looking on as time slips away, as the world turns endlessly on. What a truly horrifying state of affairs. If you’re able to slip out from the stream of traffic and noise and distractions of daily life It’s like climbing up a hillside and perceiving an endless line of sheep marching toward a slaughterhouse. You wish you could fall back in line and be one of the sheep yourself; Continue on without realizing the seemingly endless despair that awaits around that next bend in the road, and still further yet the finality of nothingness, the silence of an eternity awaiting you.

The minute you climb that hill you realize ‘where did the last 12 years go? I was too busy engaged with the world to notice the time slip by.’

Unfortunately you can never unsee what you saw from that hill, no matter how much you may wish to. They say ignorance is bliss. Isn’t that so?