Said a wise man: “Perhaps our inborn desire for invisible friends and our unusually strong impermeability to reason when it comes to the question of their literal existence or living will, is in fact the greatest gift of our genetic legacy. Without it, we are forced to see the utter meaninglessness of our existence here on this middle-of-nowhere in the endless sea of the cosmos. Irrationality in this regard serves as a protective blanket from the skin-tearing solar wind of reality. Without it, many of us would perish by our own hand rather than see this sad 80 year game to the end. Why even play, if you lose and lose and then ultimately lose in the end, guaranteed? The only thing we know for absolute sure, is that the game has an end. What’s the real harm in believing that there’s a level two waiting upstairs, if it keeps the dice rolling and the betters betting? What’s the harm in pretending there’s a crooked dealer with an invisible hand who knows the result of every toss? So again, maybe irrationality is the greatest gift mankind happens to possess, and perhaps it’s that some of us just missed out.”

-Children of the Omarians.