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I happened upon in my wanderings
a most stern little helper of god dressed was he in a long white robe, and sprouting from his stern angular jaw
Grew a nobly long and thick godly beard
My piercing gaze
Set him afire
Set him afire so he cursed and he shouted
So he cursed and shouted at me, waving a stick
He beguiled my most improper manner of dressing and informed me
that my wandering eyes deserve the sting of one million needles
He tried to extinguish me with a stream of cold words
Yet all I could do was laugh
“You’re burning up, little servant of god
Yet you’ve still to learn my name”
The little man told me it’s no concern of his
Yet he couldn’t avert his gaze
The intoxicating flames licked at his robes and stung his flesh
And he reveled in the masochistic amber charm
He scorned himself for this

Narrowing my eyes I told him
“Little prince, your words speak one tongue, but the look in your eyes betrays you
The language of love is what you long to utter
For the season of love is upon us
In your most secret of longings you yearn to throw off this crown of propriety which you balance upon your princely head
Your thoughts soar through the sky at the sight of my wrist or the curve of my bosom
Hearing the musical syllables of my voice envelopes you all the more in flames
As we speak you are suffering greatly
But take shamefully great pleasure in this sweet pain
All the while you stand so nobly here
And pretend to abhor the delightfully tender gifts of uncovered women
What a mask you walk around with wearing, prince, but the flames have shattered it in the great heat, what ever will you do? Look down at yourself little prince, and see that your godly white robes have turned to cinder.
Look and see that you stand here naked and unmasked.
Isn’t that right, oh most noble prince of god?”
At this, the most pious prince of god turned his face, and stalked off in fury, leaving ashes in his wake, and broken shards of painted porcelain.