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Welcome to Dimension 3,
Where everyone is a slave to time.
Everyone is walking along a pathway of finite length, with not but a single entry and one exit.
Jagged fragments of dreams litter my foggy pathway
And from time to time the skin of my feet are pierced,
Causing the little girl in me to sit down to cry for a spell,
With her arms wrapped around my knees
The pain of marching across the path of time is often unbearable, but sleep offers a precious recess. Sometimes, enraptured in the land of sleep, I imagine the world to be a friendlier place.
But then I wake up to the same misty pathway, and continue on.
At times when I’ve fallen to my knees upon my way.
In my secret yearnings
I long for the warmth of a tender embrace, a hand to pull me upward,
And perhaps hold mine as I continue down the gloomy shattered path toward deletion.
But then I remember,
I always remember,
That I entered this world alone
And alone I shall exit it.