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Had an argument over a libtard who was overjoyed that a private company was sued for refusing to sell some product to gays. Because discrimination.

First of all

On discrimination in general:
A market economy wouldn’t work without discrimination. After all, choosing any one company over another is an act of discrimination. For example, it’s not discrimination against non organic farmers if I only buy from organic farmers ?

On discrimination in company hiring or service:
Businesses don’t discriminate in either service or hiring unless they are economically retarded(in which case they will soon cease to be an extant business, all on their own) or the high costs of discrimination are subsidized by the government thru policies like minimum wage, price floors or ceilings.

But discrimination is still a bad and dangerous thing!
So into the next point, it’s fine for a customer to discriminate and boycott gay or even non-organic products, but it’s not fine for a company to boycott, or refuse to sell to gays or hippies?

Maybe we could force everyone to purchase a monthly quota of progressive products
Even if you think it’s not okay for individuals to personally boycott gay companies, how could you ever enforce that? Force people to purchase a monthly quota of gay products? Actually, It’s perfectly easy to control who consumers buy from. With a big enough government It could conceivably be done. So why wouldn’t a libtard support doing that?

So again, as an individual you are allowed to boycott anti progressive companies, but individual say religious company owners aren’t allowed to boycott you?

An argument for fully free and legal economic discrimination
My argument is simple. If free individuals are freely allowed to participate in trade between eachother, then individuals should be allowed to refuse to buy from whomever they want, and individuals should be allowed to refuse to sell to whoever they want. The burden is on you to make a reasonable argument for why only buyers but not sellers ought to be free in their enterprise.

Valid Reasons
When I made this argument the libtard argued that there are in fact times when there are valid reasons for companies should be allowed to refuse service or boycott customers….Based on arbitrary opinions of what libtards think are valid reasons for refusing service. Like Im sure they would say it’s okay for companies to boycott homophobic customers for being homophobic, but it’s not okay to boycott gay or pro-gay customers for being homophilic(or homophalic?(hawhaw)).

And besides, ‘Valid reason‘ is completely subjective. For a person with a religious life view, their valid reasons may be different than yours. What gives you the right to force your life view and it’s implicit valid reasons on them, moreso than they have the right to force their life views and their implicit valid reasons, on you?

In other words, according to libtards, it should be a criminal offense to discriminate based on your religious beliefs. Unless said religious beliefs are those of the religion called progressivism. In which case, you are actively encouraged to discriminate.