Just as any task like going to work has an instrumental value, religion gives life itself and it’s every task such a value

The perfect life is to devote ones life toward goals in instrumental activities, and then die during the process. Instrumental activities are the greatest distraction from the phenomenon of life passing by, and also lend life itself meaning. The meaning of life is striving toward goals in instrumental activities. This is why something like charity is so fulfilling and makes life worth while…it provides a clear framework of achievable goals for instrumental activities.

Those of us who have no clear goals toward which we can engage in instrumental activities, usually lack enough moment to moment immediate pleasure to lead all in all pleasurable lives

Religious practice itself provides the guidelines for instrumental activities of which the goal is to serve god. One with religion is never without a potential instrumental activity to engage in and in doing so live a meaningful life.

Anything which seeks to replace religion must provide a similar framework of goals and instrumental activities so as to provide the follower with a meaningful life

Thought of this walking home. Fucking existential angst. All the time bothering me