Prayer is a dialogue with the creator of the universe, who by the theists own description doesn’t operate in real time since he’s supposedly outside of the third dimension. So that means that he already sees everything that ever happens to you and he’s already seen every prayer you will ever make and will ever make in a single glance. So because of the utterance of some magic words that the particular third dimensional earthling from an insignificant galactic supercluster once made at a particular time in the likely thousands of trillions of years on the universal timeline, he steps into the third dimension at a particular past instance in the timeline during that earthling’s life when he asked for certain things in prayer, and the universal architect suspends the laws of physics, and in fact changes the timeline of the entire universe in order to change the earthlings future(the events which follow any given life instance) And he does that hundreds of billions of times over for every believer that ever existed and uttered a prayer he liked? And of course the last question is, what about “selves” in other universes, of which if the philosophers who invent math to sell popular science books, are correct, there might be 10^500 after all? He also has sovereignty over every sentient life form which has ever evolved in other universes?