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What phenomenon is someone trying to express when they say that something like finding a suitable relationship partner, or being heartbroken was ‘meant to be’? Of course every event that happens on the micro or macro-scale is ‘meant to be’, thanks to a long string of prior causes stretching back to the singularity at the Big Bang. Given that, what significance does the phrase ‘meant to be’ actually have? Meant to be by whom or what? News for you, the universe doesn’t give a damn about you. The universe doesn’t have a mind. It couldn’t possibly be any other way. Meaningless phrases like ‘meant to be’ are clearly just something we throw around to make ourselves or others feel a deeper sense of happiness or feel better when sad things occur like a breakup. For the latter usage why not just actually embrace determinism rather than delude yourself in the comfort of some imagined cosmic plan, in order to feel better?