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Long before I met you,

Eternity already finished unfolding like a Persian carpet across the cosmos. 

I look upon you for the first time, and simultaneously, dinosaurs roam the earth. I stop to think for a moment how great is my love for you, and you’ve already succumb to the pains of old age. I pen a love note for you, perennially an infant suckling your mother, and eternally dead and gone from this world forever, and forevermore staring at me at this moment. By the time we share our first kiss, the cosmos has already faded away, and any intelligent life form looking out there is concluding that their galaxy is the entire universe. But before they can finish their calculations, their species is long extinct, an ancient artifact of a spiral galaxy. At the same time that I will finish this rendition, a comet will strike the earth destroying all life, and simultaneously will occur the inception of hydrogen atoms. Why will you break my heart? Why did the Big Bang happen?