Coming home one day to my room painted pink, and a bunk bed. Also glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. I always preferred sleeping in the top bunk because it was high up.

Eating apples and peaches and fruits from the orchard in the sunshine during the summer while sitting on the thick green grass. At night once, my cousins and I played flashlight tag.

My horse classy. Horseshows and riding lessons every week. He was such a wonderful friend to me.

Sharing years with mili. I walked with her for hours per day in the mountain and sometimes she even secretly slept in my bed. She was the best friend I ever had.

Seeing the ruins of petra and riding a camel. I guess that was the most beautiful place I ever saw.

Sharing some beautiful years with muna. I loved her so so much.

Meeting Alon , someone who I truly loved.
Those are all that I can recall. Every beautiful thing withers away. Every single one of them.