You Provincial Right-Wing Xenophobic Bigoted Islamophobe!


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Don’t you know that it’s always wrong to generalize about people?? Unless you’re depicting them falsely as victims… in that case it’s compulsory. This is the new politically-correct America.  


The Natural Order of Things


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Some religious people object to the existence of gays as full persons deserving of regular ‘human-rights’ like marriage because being gay is ‘not natural’. I wonder if they even realize what natural means in the real world. If we were to live in nature, ‘nature’ wouldn’t care whether not there were gay individuals unless it effected the survival of DNA. Maybe gay humans would not be selected for, and would die out. But if that was the case, why is the ‘gay gene’ still popping up in predictable percentages today? Maybe for the same reason that it pops up in dozens of other species. 

But of course that’s not what they mean. They obviously refer to the antiquated essentialist idea of ‘the natural order of things’ when they refer to something being natural or unnatural. 

Noble Savage Muslims


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9/11 – meh

26/11 – meh

london blast – meh

mumbai blast – meh

pune blast – meh

assam riots – meh

godra riots – meh

bengal riots – meh

hydrabad blast – meh

gaya blast – meh

parliament attack – meh

banglore blast – meh

Taliban – meh

ISIS – meh

shia genocide – meh

Indian mujahuddin – meh

minority persecution – meh

attack Israel – meh

Israel fight backs – oh God ! Save humanity,
please save the life of innocents..
Atrocious outrageous ,blah,blah ..

That Was Like Totally ‘Meant to Be’


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What phenomenon is someone trying to express when they say that something like finding a suitable relationship partner, or being heartbroken was ‘meant to be’? Of course every event that happens on the micro or macro-scale is ‘meant to be’, thanks to a long string of prior causes stretching back to the singularity at the Big Bang. Given that, what significance does the phrase ‘meant to be’ actually have? Meant to be by whom or what? News for you, the universe doesn’t give a damn about you. The universe doesn’t have a mind. It couldn’t possibly be any other way. Meaningless phrases like ‘meant to be’ are clearly just something we throw around to make ourselves or others feel a deeper sense of happiness or feel better when sad things occur like a breakup. For the latter usage why not just actually embrace determinism rather than delude yourself in the comfort of some imagined cosmic plan, in order to feel better?

Relativistic Parenting



So-called new-age ‘relativistic’ parenting in which parents make no value judgements on their child’s future education and career choice, boyfriend or girlfriend, and praises them not for accomplishment but for ‘effort’ and mediocrity etc is the worst insult of an upbringing you can give to a child. A ‘friend of mine’ was raised like this, and told me so.